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Poll: The Phantom’s Newfound Hotness, Explained (But Not Really)

So, there’s something I don’t get about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera sequel, Love Never Dies. OK, there are lots of things I don’t get about Love Never Dies, but here’s the main one: Why is the Phantom so hot right now? Because I saw the original show. Eight times. And while the Phantom might have been appealing for his keen intellect, and because he’s an outcast and because he occasionally kills annoying people and whatever, I wouldn’t exactly describe him as… well… hot. I would describe him as crazy. I would describe him as kind of a creepy perv who potentially has a vast and interesting collection of sex dolls. (It’s strongly implied!) But hot? No.

Except that, if you’ve seen Love Never Dies, which takes place a decade in the future, the Phantom is like… suddenly and distinctly hot. Which kind of makes me wonder.

How did the Phantom go from this….


To this…


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  • ms_v September 16, 2011, 10:30 pm

    Dear lord I think my heart stopped for a minute there. Personally, I think the Phantom is sexy for a number of reasons: maturity, vast intellect, intense devotion, musical genius, shuddering amount of power and strength, uncanny agility, mystery, above all PASSION of course mixed with madness. And you know all that climbing and exercise has his body RIPPED *drools* so in my opinion, mask on or off, angel of music of angel of death, I would lock myself in his lair indefinitely with great joy. Christine was too much of a child, much too faint of heart to deal with a roaring blaze that is Erik, and could never truly be his equal in the end. So having said all that…that means I can have him right? lol! 😛

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