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Weekend Agenda: We Interviewed Jonathan Groff Edition

Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

  • We interviewed Jonathan Groff this week. We interviewed Jonathan Groff this week. We interviewed Jonathan Groff this week. We interviewed Jonathan Groff this week. We interviewed Jonathan Groff this week. Audio (OH DEAR!!!!) coming soon. Special thanks to James Marino and Michael Portantiere for that insane/wonderful opportunity. In the meantime, feel free to listen to the two of us shoot our mouths off on other theater-y topics on James’s show, BroadwayRadio. Lately, for reasons that are not entirely clear to us, we’ve been selected to join the esteemed panel to chat about some shows, and some Tony nominations.
  • Our favorite trend in Broadway charity auctions? Shoes. A sampling of fun auctions we’ve seen recently: Gavin Creel’s much-battered Claude boots from Hair (ends May 25), Tony Vincent’s drool-worthy/so-sad-they-don’t-fit-us-because-we’d-actually-wear-them St. Jimmy boots from American Idiot (ends May 25), and Billie Joe Armstrong’s never-worn-but-still-awesome St. Jimmy Creepers (ended May 16).
  • Normally we prefer our Broadway live and onstage, thank you very much, but we make exceptions for certain projects, and certain handsome/awesome/big-singing actors. Behold, for example, the trailer for the new NBC show Smash about the rivalry between two Broadway stars, which is trying to be Glee for grownups, but we don’t even care because it looks awesome. Christian Borle on TV? Beside Brian Darcy James and Megan Hilty? A world in which that is a distinct possibility is one in which I can live very comfortably.
  • Speaking of TV, and we don’t like to, but we were likewise intrigued by the trailer for the new CBS show, A Gifted Man, which stars The Hottest Person on Earth Patrick Wilson as a surgeon (LOL) who sees visions of his dead wife (Theaterperson Jennifer Ehle, most recently of The Coast of Utopia), and is wooing another medical-type person (Theaterperson Marin Ireland, of In the Wake). Not to credit Lea Michele and Matt Morrison with any major cultural shifting or anything, but we adore this new idea of The Wildy Famous and Well-Known Theaterperson. Any room in that Pantheon for Michael Esper and Johnny Gallagher, we wonder?
  • See this? It’s a flashmob in Poland of people singing “One Day More” from Les Miserables. It’s totes calculated — it was set up to promote the show — but we don’t even care. Wait for the moment when Enjolras — the Justin Timberlake of classic French literature — starts singing and a bunch of little girls start screaming. Our thoughts exactly, gals. Our thoughts exactly.
  • So the Independent Theater Bloggers Association gave their annual awards this week. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson took the Best Musical prize. Jerusalem won Best Play. Soooooo… Are we the only members who voted, or what?

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