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Laura Benanti, You Win the Tony of My Heart

So… maybe they won’t win. Or maybe they will. All we know is that these Tony nominees took our breath away this season, regardless of the odds that they’ll take home a trophy. Here’s the first in our series, You Win the Tony of My Heart…


Dear Laura Benanti,

We have a question for you. Here it is.

What’s the difference between football quarterback Tom Brady and your husband, Stephen Pasquale?

Oh wait, here’s the obvious answer right here:

Stephen Pasquale has the hotter wife.

Yes, you totes are a major brunette bombshell and you sing like a bird, a combination that garners our automatic and unanimous approval. Plus, you did something else that was awesome this year.

You overcame the disheartening burden of a seriously wonky book in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown – a show we tried so hard to love – and gave a legitimately wacky/genius/transcendent performance as a neurotic model who hooks up with a suspected terrorist.

It takes a smart girl to play dumb, don’t you know. And it takes a talented one to steal a show from Patti Lupone. Our thought? Hand you the real Tony right now, even though The Tony of My Heart is obviously way better. With a bow on top. Even though you’ve already won one, and not all that long ago. Because you deserve it. And because want to see your handsome husband blowing you kisses from the third row again.

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