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Battle of the Broadway Music Videos: Spider-Man vs. American Idiot

Do we smell a new promotional trend for rock musicals?

Behold: The mildly uncomfortable rock band/theater cast combo music video!

The first one we noticed was the Green Day/American Idiot version of “21 Guns”, which features the cast singing in the studio, “We Are the World”-style. Because that’s what rockstars do.

The second is this gem, courtesy of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which gives us many, many shots of the blissfully photogenic Reeve Carney doing lots of things. Pouting, looking adorably tortured, rehearsing some dance fights, cuddling with Jennifer Damiano. (Extra points for encouraging the Reeve-n-Jen-are-dating rumor, guys. We love it.) Of course, it’s cut with footage of wise old Grandfather Bono and Uncle The Edge walking around in a dark room like they’ve never met that Reeve character before in their lives and aren’t too pleased that he’s singing their song. Also. Why is it snowing?

So, natch, we had to ask. Who wins this angst-y rock-off?

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