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Booze and The Bard, or, A Perfect Saturday

The following is a brief excerpt from our list of Top Most Loved Things of All Life (In No Particular Order):

  • Shakespeare
  • Cute Boys
  • Beer

So you can imagine our delight this past Saturday afternoon when ShakesBEER combined all three of those things in one beautifully intoxicated package.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, ShakesBEER is New York’s original Shakespeare Pub Crawl.  It’s also a pretty friggin’ badass way to spend four hours on a Saturday afternoon.  Your ticket buys you admission, four beers at four bars, and four wonderful scenes from Shakespeare’s canon, acted by some wonderful actors (among them, some seriously cute boys).

Watching actors materialize from in your midst and climb on bars and banquets to perform is pretty fun.  Watching the reactions of random bar patrons who did not turn up for theater is even more fun.  It’s also probably one of the most interesting and authentic ways we can think of to introduce n00bs to The Bard (seriously, we brought a Shakespeare neophyte along and she had a great time).

By 7pm, Lucky and I rolled out of Amity Hall solidly intoxicated and pretty high on life and theater.  We’d laughed, we’d… okay, we hadn’t cried.  But we had hooted and hollered at some awesome/handsome actors (hello, Harry Barandes).  Oh, and did we mention Craptacular favorite, Vince Gatton, was there?  His scene—performed at the third bar—was a “Remix” of bits and pieces of several of Shakespeare’s most famous pick-up lines, and it was a serious highlight.

If we didn’t already have plans, we’d be going back next Saturday, July 30th.  We think you should check it out in our stead.

PS. Keep your eyes peeled. Besides featuring some cute actors (again, hello Harry aka, Iago), that video also features… Lucky and The Mick. See if you can spot us.

Video: Paul Docherty

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  • Amanda July 26, 2011, 11:29 am

    I’m not even a big drinker, but this sounds awesome and I am a little sad I have plans next Saturday too!

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