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Weekend Agenda: TGIWTF Edition

Well, thank God that’s over. This week, we mean. Here’s some stuff we’ll be talking about when we’re not busy sleeping or… sleeping.

  • Much to our dismay delight… something… Norbert Leo Butz has been cast as a child molester in the Pulitzer Prize-winning How I Learned to Drive, which will play at Second Stage in January. Thumbs up for Pulitzer Prizes and Norbert Leo Butz. Thumbs down for child molesters, and the worrisome thought that Norbert is just not playing sexy characters right now.
  • Godspell opened to some less-than-glowing reviews this week, but the big news on the interwebs was the show’s designated live correspondant, @BroadwaySpotted. She took to the airwaves(?) with some choice words, not about the show, but about two members of the opening night audience. Apparently Andrew Rannells and Gavin Creel — great courters of controversy, those two — weren’t clapping correctly… or enough… or… we don’t really know. The entire screed was captured on Twitter, but alas, it has been deleted. If only it could be deleted from our fond, collective memory.
  • Bonnie & Clyde stars Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan posed in costume in TimeOut New York this week holding mixed drinks. Our favorite: The cover shot of Clyde Barrow in a death grip with a Bloody Mary. Apparently there’s no stylish New York City bar cocktail called Moonshine in a Jug.
  • In an event that combines two of our favorite things, handsome men and alcohol, Aaron Tveit — remember him? — will guest bartend for a charity event next week. He’d better start studying the manual on how to create The Craptacular’s favorite beverage: Body Shots On Aaron’s Abs.
  • Of all the semi-awkward rehearsal photos of Aaron Carter in The Addams Family The Fantasticks, this one is our absolute favorite. Someone please make a meme. Please.
  • Sarah Silverman joined Seth Rudetsky this week to sing some showtunes, including “On My Own” — utterly amazing for many, many reasons, but especially because the effect is sort of like… Sarah playing Eponine playing Eponine. Behold.
  • In news from across the pond, Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton will play Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett on the West End this spring. We will, of course, be referring this entire affair as though it were a UK version of Patti & Mandy, and will simply call it Marius & Professor Umbridge.

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  • Amanda November 11, 2011, 6:22 pm

    Aaron Carter is totally doing Blue Steel in that photo.

  • Seth Christenfeld November 13, 2011, 9:44 pm

    When did Aaron Carter begin transforming into Luther Creek?

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