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Standing on Ceremony: Go Before It Does

So, here’s the crappy thing. We didn’t immediately write about Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays because we thought we had some time. But winter is cruel in New York and the show is closing in half a second (December 18) – a bummer, because we really enjoyed it and thought it had a future like the similarly-structured Love, Loss, and What I Wore. At the performance we attended, we:

  • Laughed our faces off
  • Sat across the aisle from Kelly Ripa (and admired her amazing platform heels)
  • Ogled her husband Mark Consuelos just a little bit
  • Ogled his costar Craig Bierko a lot bit
  • Laughed along with Harriet Harris, who apparently is a genius at everything
  • Chatted with the cast after the show, and asked them what kinds of plays they would add to the ever-shifting mix of this one, if they could choose. Harriet Harris’s answer: A play about same-sex divorce. Polly Draper: A play about entering into a same-sex marriage with children in the mix.
  • Wept like babies during Moises Kaufman’s play, which was presented as a eulogy for a beloved partner
  • Admired the pretty/dramatic/simple-but-bold set, which was done up like a ballroom at a wedding reception, by Sarah Zeitler
  • Massively dug Doug Wright’s play, which presents a battle of ideologies played out on a Facebook wall.
  • Took some extremely poor but well-intentioned photographs at the post-show event. Behold. And yes, we’re writers, not photographers.





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