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Weekend Agenda: I Wrote This in Dublin at 3:00 am Edition

Not even joking, Lucky wrote this at 3am in Dublin. No, not in Ohio. In Dublin, Ireland, y’all. It was in The Mick’s inbox when she woke up. This week’s edition may be slightly wackier than usual, partially due to trans-Atlantic flight related delirium. And, you know, partially due to the fact that Lucky left The Mick to do all the editing, and she thinks L is hilarious when she’s delirious.

ANYWAY. A recap of theater things that happened this week on this side of the pond.

  • What the hell is going on with Darren Criss? We were super excited to see his performance in How to Succeed, until he started being crazy. Our sources tell us that he announced an impromptu performance at the stage door last week… with his theater troupe. His theater troupe that has nothing to do with the show that he’s in. The unrelated shenanigans reportedly created such pandemonium the police had to shut the stage door down, something they didn’t even have to do for his much more famous predecessor. Between that, his mile-long Playbill bio, and his opening-night awe at being able to make his Broadway debut so young (ahem, Nick Jonas was 7; Lea Michele was 8), we’re smelling a full-tilt ego trip over there at the Hirschfeld and it’s making us sad. Come back, Dan Radcliffe, and please bring all of your quiet class and work ethic with you…
  • When Follies flies to Los Angeles later this month, it will be taking Victoria Clark—recently seen in Sister Act—with it. Cast this week as Insufferable Sally, she’ll hopefully be an improvement over hapless Bernadette Peters. And anything’s better than that nun costume, said everyone who’s ever been in The Sound of Music.
  • Jeremy Jordan is officially Jack Kelly in Newsies, even though he’s been unofficially Jack Kelly for like a week, and speculatively Jack Kelly since the fall, and Jack Kelly in our hearts since before we were born. Now, onward to the next nail-biter: Will Jay A. Johnson be cast as his alternate? We’re already building a bunker to protect ourselves from the fangirl atom bomb that will instantly detonate if this happens.
  • Meanwhile, just as On a Clear Day meets its untimely death, Leap of Faith throws its hat into the ring for the 2011-12 Broadway season.  On a Clear Day will close at the St. James on January 29th, to be replaced by Leap of Faith, beginning performances on April 3rd. So. What does this really mean to us? Raul Esparza has entered the Tony race for Leading Actor in a Musical, possibly creating a Jeremy Jordan/Raul Esparza Sophie’s Choice type situation for us this June. Fuck it all.
  • In a story that feels so 1995, Into the Woods will be made into a movie. Rob Marshall will direct, so we’re expecting the entire thing to be dream-sequences-within-dream-sequences wherein the Witch imagines herself as a golden-age Broadway star. We hear that they’re already casting dancers for the “Children Will Listen” sequence.
  • But to hell with the movies, because Into the Woods will be staged in Central Park this summer, which gave the entire internet the best fantasy casting game of the year: Laura Osnes as Cinderella? Steven Pasquale as one of several princes? Jonathan Groff as Jack? We’re not sure what we’re more excited about – the full cast list, or the show itself.

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  • Lisa January 16, 2012, 1:55 am

    Um, excuse me, but it’s not his fault. It’s the stupid fans fault. Yes, he is the reason they are all coming, but it’s not his fault that they are being out of control and screaming and stuff.

  • Broadway Stan January 16, 2012, 1:56 am

    Darren Criss organized that “sing-a-long” with his Starkids (yes, a theater troupe that had nothing to do with the show) AFTER the police had closed the stage door because of too much commotion earlier that afternoon. So basically he was saying “eff you” to the police and Broadway by pushing something even bigger! He even tweeted something like “NOW!” before coming out to the fans that night. I mean, are you kidding me? This guy is on a huge ego trip and it’s disgusting to watch. The show is not about him, and the stage door is not just about him, either. I don’t know how the other actors in the show are putting up with his crap, but they shouldn’t have to.

  • b212 January 21, 2012, 10:52 pm

    DYING to know who they are casting in Into the Woods – its gotta be big names b/c of the 40th anniversary of Shakespeare in the Park

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