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Three Hadley Fraser Videos You Need to Watch Right Now

In honor of the Phantom 25th Anniversary Concert DVD release—you all purchased/repeatedly viewed said DVD yesterday, correct?—we thought it was high time we talked more about Hadley Fraser. He of the beautiful voice, forceful Raoul, and orgasmic nerd glasses. Homeboy is the stuff girls’ dreams are made of. Seriously.

If you’re anywhere near London you should go see him now in Les Miz on the West End, where he’s playing Inspector Javert. Since we’re stuck in America, we’ll have to settle for fantasizing about being rescued from a murderous psychopath/opera composer by a man wearing sensuous guyliner. If you’re stuck here, too, you should go watch a sampling of three of our favorite Hadley Fraser videos from the YouTube. Repeatedly.

In which baby Hadley sings at Birdland. (In America! And we missed it! Shit!):

In which nerd-glasses Hadley sings one of the best songs of all time:

In which songwriter Hadley performs (sans Ramin) an original song by the Sheytoons (their band):

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  • Sue Gorman February 8, 2012, 11:48 am

    These are indeed great clips,but you’ve not shown the best which is the divine Hadley singing Try To Remember at UK Launch of The Fantasticks-it’s on YouTube-go see,it’s fabulous!

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