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Weekend Agenda: The Big Easy Edition

While you’re enjoying the last waning hours of life that you won’t spend thinking, talking, or dreaming about The 2012 Tony Awards, we thought we’d give you some conversation-starters for the weekend. Or maybe conversation enders, depending on who you’re hanging out with…

  • We thought it would be some big cray movie star, but Donna Murphy was cast as The Witch in this summer’s Central Park production of Into the Woods. Donna isn’t the most shocking choice, but honestly, we’re kinda relieved. Donna is tried and true, and casting Hollywood stars can be treacherous. Just ask Brooke Shields…
  • It’s for sure — Benjamin Walker scored a role in the new HBO flick, Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight. In fact, Baberaham Sexypants is already filming here in NYC. If you’d like to indulge your stalker tendencies/beg him for a lap dance, we might know some people who can hook you up with the location of his trailer. We’re just saying it’s a possibility.
  • Men in period dress—even only questionably attractive ones—are basically soft porn for smart girls, so you can imagine how exciting it was to get our first glimpse of Aaron Tveit in costume on the set of Les Miserables. We’ll confess, we missed the xylophone vest for half a second, but then we checked out Aaronjolras’ breeches and all was forgiven. Too bad Enjolras is planning to die a virgin for France. We’re pretty sure we’d make much better mistresses than, say, Liberty.
  • The trailer for So Shoot Me, a new documentary about Elaine Stritch, had us laughing and tearing up within a span of about fifteen seconds.
  • I mean, fuck. You knew you were going to buy Dee Snider’s showtunes album. Now that you’ve heard his duet with Patti Lupone, you’re planning to buy it twice.
  • The show goes on for Mike Daisey, who was found to have fabricated portions of his monologue The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs. He’s developing a new work for the Cape Cod Theater Project. Hopefully the stuff in it will be true. And if it’s not, hopefully he’ll just be like, “This isn’t true.” And then we’ll all be good.
  • You may resume your fangirling: Handsome Josh Young is feeling better and is back in Jesus Christ Superstar.
  • The Public Theater wins the badass award this week for its new season, which includes a new musical about Imelda Marcos by Fatboy Slim and David Byrne, Michael John LaChiusa’s musical version of Giant (fingers crossed for Aaron Lazar!), and a play by Colman Domingo.
  • The Lion King unseated The Phantom of the Opera as the highest grossing show in Broadway history. In related news, The Phantom was later caught planting booby traps in the wings at the Minskoff. He explained that he intended to blame it on Julie Taymor…

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