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Jessie Mueller, You Win the Tony of My Heart

Ok, so On a Clear Day… wasn’t exactly a huge megahit. The same cannot be said for its  colossally talented young star, Jessie Mueller, who made her Broadway debut in the show and stole basically every scene she stepped into. No small feat, considering that she was playing opposite the physically and vocally formidable Harry Connick, Jr.

Playing Melinda Wells, a jazz singer from the 1940s, her heartfelt performance gave this otherwise oddball show a real emotional core. And damn, can she sing. Both slinky and flawlessly controlled in her delivery, you totally got why Harry’s character fell head over heels.

And we weren’t exactly shocked when she landed the role of Cinderella in this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Into the Woods, either. We knew as soon as we saw her that she’d have to make room on her Playbill bio for some big, big roles — and fast. And who can help but love a girl who, in that same bio, thanks every single member of her family — including her grandma? For that — and for rocking all those badass Technicolor costumes — she wins the Tony of our hearts. And we’re guessing that she’ll be winning a whole lot more of these in years to come.

Credit: On a Clear Day… Production Still

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