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Weekend Agenda: And the Nominees Are… Edition

Let’s talk about the Tony Awards, the Tony Awards, and also how about the Tony Awards… and a couple of other things…

  • In case you were recently bonked on the head and are suffering from amnesia: The Tony nominations were announced on Tuesday morning by Kristin Chenoweth and Jim Parsons and the internet exploded with commentary. Because that’s what the internet is for. Check out our take on the good, the bad, and the shafted. Then, gird your loins for several weeks of rampant speculation from everyone and their grandmother’s cat, and preemptively stock the liquor cabinet to help you get through it all.
  • You guys, on Monday, we’re launching the absolute coolest Ghost giveaway. We’re giddy with anticipation. And frankly, kind of upset that we’ve agreed to give this away instead of, say, keeping it for ourselves. That’s how much we love you, though. Wait until you see how much we love you!
  • So here’s a thing: The Huffington Post created a list of 10 Theater Tweeters to Know Right Now, and we are so on it, and so honored to be on it. After we explained to our moms what Twitter is, they were really proud!
  • Scarlett Johansson revealed she’s close to signing a deal to play Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway. Jeremy Renner is in talks to star as Brick, a pairing so hot it would officially light that tin roof on fire. You know… if it was possible to light tin on fire.
  • According to the very dashing Michael Park, the musical Tuck Everlasting is aiming for Broadway (finally!) next year, after a spring tryout in Boston. He’s been asked to play Pa Tuck, which freaks us out because it reminds us we’ve officially reached the age where it’s more appropriate to have a crush on the father figure, and not the beautiful teenage waif on stage. And that is… something.
  • What’s better than Bobby Cannavale? Bobby Cannavale in a Clifford Odets play. We’ll just give you a minute to catch your breath…
  • Illogical addiction of the week: The Bonnie & Clyde cast recording, which Lucky has been spinning nonstop since it came into her possession. Funny how dispelling with all the dialogue, kicking up all the arrangements like it’s a Keith Urban concert, and making Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan riff until their jaws hurt makes for a pretty delightful experience. Example: There’s a moment at the end of “Too Late to Turn Back Now” where Laura Osnes half-belts/half-shouts with so much simultaneous control and force that it gives us goosebumps. And you know, Jeremy Jordan’s not bad either…
  • Game fully on for Rebecca, which picked an opening date and a theater this week. We’re already excited about this show — fire, you guys; FIRE! — but we’re hoping some rad casting will put this at the top of our fall must-see list…
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt is “amorphously” (?) involved in a film remake of Little Shop of Horrors. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark mess-fixer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is also attached to the project.

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