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5 Hot Guys: Shakespeare/Sondheim in the Park 50th Anniversary Summer Edition

The Tonys are over. And much though we love them, THANK GOD for that. Now it’s time to talk about other things, including a most beloved summer tradition here in New York City, which is entering its 50th season at the Delacorte Theater this summer: Shakespeare in the Park.

Tonight, the Public is celebrating the season with a Gala Performance of Romeo and Juliet starring a Kevin Kline and Meryl Streep and approximately one zillion other famous-ly talented people. Today, we thought it was high time to celebrate with a Craptacular tradition: 5 Hot Guys.

So, without further ado… 5 Hot Guys: Shakespeare/Sondheim in the Park: 50th Anniversary Summer Edition.


Gideon Glick
Perhaps the straight-up cutest guy on this list, Gideon will star as Jack in this summer’s production of Into the Woods. We loved Glick at first site for his sweet performance as Ernst in 2006’s Spring Awakening. And we will love him forever thanks to his squeaky-voiced, lovable, graphic-novel-reading, nerd-next-door vibe.


Ivan Hernandez
Beefcake alert, y’all, beefcake alert! Last seen in the Park as Salvador Agron in The Capeman, and last seen shirtless by The Craptacular in Yank! at the York Theater, Ivan Hernandez is going to make for one very handsome prince. With dimples you could actually drown in, the body of a Greek statue, and a voice straight out of a classic musical, is it any wonder we’re preemptively swooning over his performance?


Cooper Grodin
So we have no idea who this guy is—though he did play Combeferre on the 25th Anniversary Tour of Les Mis—and we have no idea what he sounds like, or if he acts real good. But in doing our diligent research we found this page full of pictures on his website. The funky facial hair is… a lot of things. But by the time we got to the final pic, featuring Cooper shirtless, playing a guitar, we were goners. Expect us to be swooning over him incessantly come August.


Will Rogers
Score another win for the slightly-nerdy this summer. We’re absolutely loving all eight miles of Will Rogers and his lanky, beautiful blue-eyed self. We’re also digging Rogers’ love-sick, sort of dopey but earnest Silvius in As You Like It—the perfect counter to Oliver Platt’s clown/lover Touchstone. Plus, anyone whose eyes still look this piercing while standing beside mermaid-eyed Jonathan Groff wins our vote for life.


David Furr
Stop the presses, you guys, we’re in love. In fact, just like As You Like It’s leading lady Rosalind, we fell in love at actual first sight with Orlando David Furr. One glimpse of Furr on that big Delacorte stage—even in pants that make him look like he’s wearing an adult diaper—and we were already done-for. And then he opened his mouth, and that beautiful speaking voice, perfectly delivering Shakespeare’s remarkable words, actually made our lady parts feel tingly and it was just all downhill from there. Looking for us any time during the next few weeks? Try the park—we’ll be hanging off Furr’s every line.

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  • Seth Christenfeld June 18, 2012, 4:27 pm

    No love for Omar Metwally? That guy’s so damn good-looking even I think he’s good-looking.

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