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Christian Borle, You Win the Tony of My Heart

There’s a number of things one can do to win the Tony of My Heart:

1) be grin-inducingly good at what you do
2) be unconventionally cute
3) be a big nerd
4) look good in skinny jeans

Ding ding ding, we have a winner ladies and gents: Christian Borle, your floppy hair and angelic voice in Legally Blonde secured you a place on my radar (I was a tad too young for Spamalot…) and your major acting chops in Angels in America made sure you stayed there for good. Then you went and got yourself cast in Smash as a character who had enough sass to smackdown Angelica Houston.

But your biggest success of the year has got to be Peter And The Starcatcher. You swashbuckle your way across the stage in a perfectly campy pantomime of villainy, all while rocking a big mustache. In a season of strong plays and strong performances in plays, you stood out and proved what we all already knew: you’ve got ridonkulous amounts of talent.

I think you have a real chance of striking Tony gold this year, but even if you don’t, you without a doubt win the Tony of My Heart.

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