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Josh Young, You Win the Tony of My Heart

In the race to win the Tony of My Heart, there are several ways a competitor can distinguish himself. First there’s his performance, obvi, which had better be good. But then there are things like being disgustingly handsome, or singing like an angel, or just plain being real nice. Those things can help push you over the finish line, which is totes the case with nominee Josh Young, who knocked it out of the park on all fronts this year.

First, there’s the lucky fact of his beautiful face—homeboy looks like he just tumbled out of an animated princess movie and landed on stage. (He was the handsome prince, natch.) Then there’s his pure and clear and beautiful singing voice—that of a baritone angel—which he can also twist into an impressive rock-tenor howl. And then, there’s the fact that Mr. Young was pretty damn awesome/chill/kind when we chatted.

And last but not least, there’s that performance he’s giving nightly in Jesus Christ Superstar. Young’s unique, understated Judas Iscariot simmers with rage and fear. It’s a performance so arresting that even a vocal-cord-threatening illness that took him out of commission for a few weeks couldn’t cost the man a Tony Nom for his Broadway debut.

The competition is stiff, as usual, but no matter what happens, Josh can head into the ceremony knowing he’s already won at least one important award—the Tony of My Heart.

Credit: Jenny Anderson

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