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Weekend Agenda: I’m MELTING, Edition

And now it’s summer and we’re back in that place where nothing is happening in theater until September except Bring It On. Which is just not ideal place, you guys. We hope you read this in a shady spot. Because your electronic device will melt into a puddle if you don’t.

  • The Smash creative team continues the slow, steady separation from its prior commitments to poor taste and bad sense: Krysta Rodriguez will appear on the show next season, and Leslie Odom, Jr. is now a series regular.
  • Steven Soderbergh continues to pretend that a Magic Mike Broadway musical is a real thing that will really happen, and othat Channing Tatum will appear in it. Until we’re holding tickets in our hands and have fistfuls of dollar bills at the ready, we remain hopeful (or something…) but skeptical.
  • A Cats revival is so much more than that fucked up dream you had the other night after eating too much pepperoni pizza…
  • Patrick Page — Green Goblin for the ages, general class act, and Mr. Paige Davis-Page — is peacing out of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Why? He has a new gig. He’ll play another mustache-twirling bad guy in Cyrano de Bergerac in October. Well, we hope he has a mustache.
  • Rent will close at New World Stages on September 9 because it was kind of bad and not enough people wanted to see it.
  • Tony Winner John Lloyd Young returns to Jersey Boys for a limited engagement through September 30. Because it’s summer and no one has any better ideas.
  • Glee‘s Jenna Ushkowitz is wrtitng an inspirational book. As one does when one plays a supporting character in the waning seasons of an outrageously popular television program.

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