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Crappy/Spectacular Volume 06: Ten Days Late, Several Minutes Too Long

Hey there. Guess when we filmed this edition of Crappy/Spectacular? If you went with August 18th, right after a Newsies matinee, you’re totally correct. As you can tell, seeing as it’s currently the 28th, we had a bit of an editorial backup. But hey, it’s live, right?!

And honestly, we couldn’t possibly have let this video languish unpublished, firstly because it features our dear friend and contributor NineDaves, and secondly because we spend more than half of it talking about Jeremy Jordan and Norbert Leo Butz, and like, 4+ minutes of hottie talk should never go to waste. Ever.

So get ready. It’s eight minutes long, and in addition to chatting about two of our favorite Broadway Hotties, we chat Into the Woods as well. It’s a gem.

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