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That’s Gross: Two! Four! Six! Eight! Bring It On…By the Numbers

Maybe it’s vindication for us theater kids who never felt like we fit in with the cool crowd in high school. But the cheerleaders are on Broadway now, and they’re losing this popularity contest.

It’s been two weeks since Bring It On opened, and given it’s recent numbers, we’d suggest that the show’s cast perform some cheers outside the box office. You know, for motivation.

While the show closed out the week ending August 19 with its highest gross yet — $508,052 — capacity percentage has been on a steady decline. Of the 1,325 seats in the St. James Theater, Bring It On filled only 76.9% of them — a drop from more than 90% during previews.

But here’s the thing. During previews, you could buy a ticket to Bring It On for next to nothing. The show’s tickets were heavily discounted, and averaged out at about $44-48. Since opening, the average ticket price has gone up, but not by much. This week, the show brought it up to a whopping $61.89. That’s the highest average ticket price they’ve had yet, but it’s still the lowest on Broadway.

The weird thing about all of this: Days after opening, Bring It On extended until January 20, 2013. What was supposed to be a limited run suddenly became more substantial. We’re thinking that producers extended because the show got semi-positive critical reviews (Basic summary: “This wasn’t as bad as we expected!”). Only time will tell, but at the moment, the folks at Bring It On probably wish they had more to cheer about.

Grosses are provided courtesy of The Broadway League. Click here to read this week’s complete list of grosses.

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