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22 Pictures of Cheyenne Jackson That Are Hotter Than His Performers Promo Pic

Cheyenne Jackson is back on Broadway this fall, playing a porn star named Mandrew in David West Read’s new romantic comedy, The Performers. And while I’m not quick to judge a show based solely on its promo pictures, was I the only one like, totally disappointed by the official promo picture of Jackson (above)? I mean, he’s wearing a gladiator uniform, and his arm muscles and chest are certainly on display. But didn’t you expect more?

I did. And so, here are 22 pictures of Cheyenne Jackson that are hotter than his Performers promo pic. You’re welcome.


Cheyenne was the cover boy on the July 2012 issue of Attitude, and one of the inside photographs of him included this gem of Cheyenne all wet wearing the hottest pair of tangerine board shorts ever. [Source]

Also from his Attitude shoot. Might this be the best GPOY of all time? [Source]

Another Attitude pic. Do you think he’s thinking about me? [Source]

He doesn’t always have to be half neeked. Celeb photographer Mike Ruiz shot Cheyenne for a 2010 cover of Fab magazine. Sorry I got your shirt all dirty, Cheyenne, when we were rolling around in the dirt, making out. [Source]

Also from his Fab shoot. I have a feeling the Empire State building isn’t the tall unit you’re looking at. [Source]

That ass… [Source]

He can pull my rope anytime. [Source]

Cheyenne Jackson with a dog people. I repeat – Cheyenne Jackson with a dog! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! [Source]

The best part of waking up is Cheyenne Jackson with a coffee cup. [Source]

Sorry, I take that back. The best part of waking up is Cheyenne Jackson lying in your bed wearing only white boxer shorts. [Source]

Remember when Cheyenne was in Xanadu and performed “Don’t Walk Away” on the Tonys and his voice was perfect and he hugged that roller skate and you could see every muscle in those perfect arms of his and OMG THOSE CUTOFF SHORTS? [Source]

Or when he was in Rocky Horror and he wore those gold hot pants the whole show? [Source]

Cheyenne was also a 2010 cover boy for Out magazine. But one of the inside shots was this black & white beauty. Those eyes peer into my soul. [Source]

Here’s Cheyenne at the 2011 amfAR New York Inspiration Gala Kick-Off Party. Has anyone ever worn a scarf so perfectly? [Source]

On his back, just where I like him. [Source]

“Hi. I’m Cheyenne Jackson, and I wear a tuxedo better than anyone in the entire world.” [Source]

“See?” [Source]

“I also look flawless in just a T-shirt.” [Source]

This shot of Cheyenne at a 2005 Broadway Bares event makes me think that Cheyenne should star in that Magic Mike sequel/musical. [Source]

We just need a breeze and then this picture will be perfect. [Source]

Finally, this is the most romantic photo of Cheyenne I have ever seen in my life. He looks amazing and beautiful and he’s sitting on the beach and the sunshine is setting behind him and I want to cry. [Source]

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  • Tom February 1, 2015, 2:37 am

    Cheyenne J. is sublime, for lack of a better word. Is such classy, animal appeal authentic, or is he the result of an airbrushed composite? (And WHAT a fine voice he’s got in those vocal cords!)

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