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Weekend Agenda: A-Marin-Mazing Edition

So, what did we learn this week? The folks in the Book of Mormon national tour cast are bigger theater nerds than you, Andrew Rannells is heart-meltingly adorable in The New Normal, and the Newsies have all kinds of swag. Onto the news…

  • Jekyll and Hyde will play the Richard Rodgers Theatre in April, 2013 following a national tour. If Frank Wildhorn were to write a song about this moment, he’d probably call it, “Jekyll & Hyde Will Play the Richard Rogers Theatre in April, 2013 (Following a National Tour),” and it would be an emotive rock ballad with lyrics by Richard Stilgoe.
  • In a completely anticlimactic development, the Julie Taymor vs. Spidey lawsuit has been settled out of court. Shame, I was hoping for a showdown in the middle of Times Square reffed by a shirtless Reeve Carney.
  • It’s only a rumor at this point, but we’d love to see Mark Evans play Elder Price in the London production of The Book of Mormon. For those of you who don’t know, Mark Evans is currently playing Sam in Ghost, he’s Welsh, and he looks like this. Any objections?
  • The Best Man has recouped, even with its less-than-star-studded replacement cast, just in time for closing on September 9.
  • Neil Patrick Harris will definitely return for an as-yet-untitled sequel to Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, obviously, which just makes us more excited for it than ever. John Barrowman has to play Johnny Snow, natch.

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