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Boys Don’t Even Go Here, or, Eric Michael Krop KILLS “Bless the Lord”

This is the song that made me fall in love with Eric Michael Krop forever. It’s “Bless the Lord” from Godspell, and Krop was singing the shit out of it last Sunday night at 54 Below in Shoshana Feinstein’s Not at This Performance concert.

After telling the audience a sweet story about the time Lindsay Mendez pulled a prank in which she convinced him he’d have to go on in her Godspell track, Krop lit the damn room on fire with “Bless the Lord.” Now I kind of want to listen to him sing every minute of every day forever. Seriously. Seriously. It’s hard for video to approximate the exact state of insanity happening in the audience while Krop was belting his cute little face off, but you’ve got to watch it anyway. Good luck keeping your jaw from hitting the table. I was screaming my lungs out in that audience.

Which was, admittedly, unexpected. Typically, I fall into the camp of folks who regard the sight of an understudy slip in their Playbill as a Sign of Impending Theatrical Doom. A concert full of performances by understudies? I was skeptical about how, exactly, that would work. But holy shit did it work. In fact, it ended up being a badass platform for sneaking a peek at the next generation of Broadway stars.

Besides, ain’t no one on earth mad about the chance to see Jay Johnson perform tunes from Catch Me If You Can. In fact, Jay–who is about to star in Hands on a Hardbody this spring–is the person who inspired us to see this concert in the first place. And we would be remiss if we didn’t share videos of his performances, too. Because he’s just as cute as Eric Michael Krop, and he sings real damn good, too. Plus, look at that suit!

Video: Famous in New York

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