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Live… From Drew Gasparini’s Living Room

So, on the off chance that you didn’t already know, this Drew Gasparini guy has a new album coming out on April 23rd. “I Could Use a Drink” is chock full of musical theater tunes, and some of Drew’s show-less pop ditties as well.

Since we love the shit out of you guys we wanted to give you a sneak peek at a few of the songs that are about to be all up in your life. So we had Drew gather a bunch of his friends to film a concert for us. In his actual living room.

A few Sundays ago we piled into Drew’s apartment with his sister Kasie, Wicked’s F Michael Haynie, Spring Awakening’s Blake Daniel, Tim Ehrlich and his beautiful puppy Mila. Add the two of us, a cameraman, and his assistant, and you have a heck of a crowd. You also have this–The Craptacular Live… From Drew Gasparini’s Living Room.

And hey. Maybe if you guys are exceptionally well-behaved, we’ll make this a series.

Video: Clay Mallory

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