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Nick Blaemire (and Not the Hustle) in Some Videos (That are Not on Vine)

Saturday afternoon in the most dreadful, gray, windy, terrible weather, Broadway’s Nick Blaemire hauled himself out of his warm dry apartment and schlepped all the way to the High Line to hang out with us for a bit. Why, you ask? Well, to make some Vines and talk about The Hustle, of course.

The Hustle, for anyone who doesn’t already know, is Nick’s band. They’ve got a gig coming up at 54 Below this Friday, and we wanted Nick to introduce you to them before the show.

Oh, wait… it was just us and Nick goofing around on the High Line and, for a while, entertaining the tourists who had braved the wind and rain. Nick riffed on his tiny mini-Martin (which he transported in the case that traveled with him on the Altar Boyz tour, natch) and played us snippets of a couple Hustle songs, including “Trouble” and “Headturner”, which is our favorite and which you obviously need to listen to right now.








And last, but not least, we couldn’t possibly let Nick go without making us a list of his personal Five Hottest Hotties on Broadway. So. That’s a thing that’s happening, here and now, and you should watch it.

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