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Pop Quiz: Who’s Your Tonys Dream Date (Ladies Edition)

The nominations have been announced, so you know what that means. It’s time to start styling outfits and selecting the perfect shoes. Oh, and lining up a date for theater’s most important party of the year–The Tony Awards! In case you needed some assistance in deciding which lovely lady you’d be best suited to ask, we’ve put together a quick little quiz to guide you in the right direction.

So read on. And sorry, theater people, but we’re not sorry–you’re going to have to do some math here. Grab some scratch paper and a pencil and get ready to tally up your answers. We’re rocking this quiz like it’s 1995!


What are you wearing?

  • Black tie, obvs, but with a fanciful flare. (1 pt)
  • Layers. You’ve got a big reveal in mind for the ceremony. (2 pts)
  • Something that showcases your personality. And a fab shoe. (3 pts)
  • A thoughtfully curated combination of high and low fashion. (4 pts)


Do you really really need your date to win tonight?

  • Why else would I be here? (2 pts)
  • On a scale of one to dire, I see it as about a 6. (4 pts)
  • As long as my date gets to impress someone famous with her sparkling wit, I’m fine. (3 pts)
  • It’s an honor just to be here with someone who’s nominated. (1 pt)


What’s your idea of a great after-party?

  • Regaling the room with my sense of humor, then maybe canoodling in the corner with my hot date. (3 pts)
  • I should be swinging from the chandeliers before the night is out. 2 pts)
  • A mocktail or two before a semi-sensible bedtime. (1 pt)
  • Some serious analysis of the ceremony over drinks. And then, clearly, some late night dancing. (4 pts)


How do you plan to spend the morning before the awards?

  • Practicing some yoga, to limber up for a long night. (2 pts)
  • Does the royal treatment take very long? (1 pt)
  • Combing vintage shops for the perfect final touches to your ensemble. (4 pts)
  • Brunch with the girls, then hair/make-up/the whole nine yards at a swank salon. (3 pts)


Pick your poison:

  • Whiskey, rocks. (4 pts)
  • Tonic water and lime, but please, bartender, splash some gin in there when no one is looking. (2 pts)
  • That custom cocktail you’re slinging is a fun color. I’ll take two! (3 pts)
  • Do you have any lemonade? (1 pt)


What’s your dream arrival?

  • Stepping out of something flashy, preferably with twinkly lights inside. (1 pt)
  • As long as our transport is good for the environment, I’m down with anything. (4 pts)
  • I hope to tumble out of a limo full of cast-mates and friends, still laughing at a great joke. (3 pts)
  • Surrounded by handsome young folks, on the arm of someone destined to win. (2 pts)


Does your date honestly think it’s a honor just to be nominated?

  • Yes! Why would she lie? (1 pt)
  • LOL. That’s comedy. (3 pts)
  • She’s basically already won, so… (2 pts)
  • I know that’s a safe answer, and could be a cop-out, but she does genuinely feel that way. (4 pts)


What are you planning to do the next day?

  • Sleep all day. Perhaps while clutching my lady’s Tony to my chest tenderly. (2 pts)
  • Brunch. I’ll need an immediate stream of caffeine and alcohol when I awake. (3 pts)
  • Coffee and the New York Times. (4 pts)
  • Scrapbook, obviously. Gotta preserve those memories before they fade. (1 pt)


What are you hoping to see in the Swag Bag?

  • All things glittery. (1 pt)
  • A reusable water bottle. And maybe a subscription to a smart new magazine. (4 pts)
  • Something I can snack on during the interminable ceremony. (2 pts)
  • Booze. And new kicks. (3 pts)


What’s your red carpet strategy?

  • Providing my date witty diversions between mindless interviews. (4 pts)
  • Beaming, just a few steps out of the spotlight, and letting her sparkle. (1 pt)
  • Generalized horsing around. Fab posing. (3 pts)
  •  I’m staying tight to my lady’s side. She may be a ham, but the red carpet is a bit of a snooze for her nowadays and she loves company. (2 pts)


BOOM! You’re done. Now tally up your answers and click on the corresponding link below to meet your the date of your Tony Awards dreams:


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