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9 People You Meet on Tony Night

The Tonys are sort of an odyssey. You wake up early because you’re too excited to sleep and spend the day getting ready and then there’s the carpet and the media room and the after-parties spread out across midtown. Along the way you bump into some of theater’s very best and brightest. Below, a moment or two with nine of the people we spotted last night.


1. Jordan Roth

Smash’s Jordan Roth–har har–is kind of our Broadway Businessman Idol/Crush of life, so clearly we had to ask him who his Broadway crush is. Cue swooning when Jordan tells us his husband Richie Jackson takes the top slot on his ballot.


2. Stephen Oremus

So there was just no way we were going to let Stephen Oremus–orchestrator, musical genius, and all around handsome motherfucker–leave the red carpet without talking to us. Because a) he’s awesome and b) we knew, in our heart of hearts, that homeboy was about to win himself a Tony. And fuck anyone working that carpet who didn’t know enough about theater to be all up in his beautiful grill last night. Stephen was wearing an awesome red pocket square/polka-dotted tie combo and stopped long enough to tell us that his Broadway crush is Billy Porter. We totally concur, by the way.


3. Billy Magnussen

Our favorite thing about talking to Billy? He has the absolute best, warm-ray-of-sunshine, I-just-hung-ten-on-a-wicked-wave, you’d-never-know-I-grew-up-in-Queens laugh. Well. Looking at his beautiful face ain’t so bad, either.


4. Andrea Martin

Up close you can see the beautiful details of Andrea Martin’s dress, which is layer upon layer of swiss dot tulle. We’re still marveling at/swooning over the details when she gets to the far end of the carpet and pauses her posing to switch her Tony from one hand to the other while joking about how heavy it is. She was pretty happy to endure the heavy lifting, though.


5. Stark Sands

At the bar, some time between 2 and 3 am we turned around to see Stark Sands’ beautiful baby face mere feet away. Which of course meant we had to take a minute to tell him that within five minutes of winking at the camera on national television, he was an internet meme sensation. Then our ovaries exploded into a thousand million bits when Stark told us he’d done that for his mom. Boom.


6. Tom Kitt

Upstairs the suite is wall-to-wall people. One of those people? Tom Kitt. Whose butt one of us may have considered grabbing, you know, just for half a fleeting second. Because… hello, he’s so cute! Plus, there were so many other people to blame it on!


7. Darren Criss

“Where’s Benj?” we asked sort of rhetorically, as we squeezed through the crowd. Who turned around to answer? Oh, just TV’s Darren Criss and his glorious mop of curls.


8. Matthew James Thomas

Benj Pasek introduces us to Pippin himself, Matthew James Thomas, and then totally disappears, leaving poor MJT to chat with two very enthusiastic young women who he does not know at all, without the social lubricant of a friend of his own. He survived. As did we (though L did laugh her face off as M tried save the awkward conversation). It was… a lot of things.


9. Jamie Cepero

You should have seen the look on Jamie Cepero’s face when one of us identified him as Smash’s resident baddie, Ellis Boyd.


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  • Cara June 11, 2013, 7:25 pm

    Yup. That wink. That wink made my night. And now that I know it was at his mother…. #DEAD

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