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Lauren Worsham, You Win the Tony of My Heart

I mean. It helps that you’re in one of the best musicals we’ve seen in a long time. Gentleman’s Guide is a marvel of technical excellence on basically every level of existence, and your perfectly-pitched performance is no exception.

And, sure, we always have a soft spot for the gal who’s not playing the obvious-choice-willowy-blonde-love interest, being those girls ourselves over here in reality.

But really, we just think you’re super rad and hope to be as cool as you are someday.

So yeah. Your smart, pretty-voiced Phoebe was a great start. But then we found out you’re in a sort of nerdy-cool underground band called Sky Pony that puts on rock performances with a theatrical bent (the ultimate in craptacularity) at like, 54 Below and the Under the Radar Festival and we were like… this girl is our soul sister. And THEN you gave this amazing interview to Playbill and told the world all about how you celebrated your actual Tony nom by bonding with a homeless dude over music on the subway and you nabbed the Tony of My Heart for sure.

The good news this season is that you’re already a winner in our eyes. (That should take a load off your mind! Nothing stressful left to get through now!) But the better news is… well, we dunno, but can we be besties now?

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