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10 Items at Broadway Flea 2015 That Were Unintentionally Amazing

Every year I go to Broadway Flea, I think think the same two things: That it’s for an amazing cause, and that I should be selling my epic piles of apartment-cluttering, Broadway-related shit instead of buying someone else’s piles of Broadway-related shit. And yet, I never sell my shit and I always buy someone else’s. But that’s the fun, right? In addition to raising armfuls of cash for the always-amazing Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, that’s definitely the fun. You know what else is fun? The eye-popping variety and simply weird-to-the-very bones things you find at Flea. Here’s a sampling from yesterday…

1. Flying Monkey Wicked Head
WickedFlyingMonkeyFor all of your most demented Halloween fantasies/needs.

2. Books on Pirates and Also Pyrates PyratesFor background research the next time you’re starring in Penzance

3. Playbills That Are Kinda Old, but Not Like… That Old…
ContinentalContinental Airlines stopped existing in 2012.

4. The “Songs of West Side Story” T-Shirt in XXL WestSideStoryLoving that lockup logo for Kenny Loggins & Wynona like they were powerful Mom Music co-brand, circa 1992.

5. Sandra Bernhardt Without You I’m Nothing Denim Jacket
WithoutYouI'mNothingAnyone who walks behind you will be immediately struck by the evil eye, no Sicilian grandmother required.

6. Chita’s Creepy Porcelain Hand from The Visit CreepyVisitHandMaybe she used it on stage? Maybe this is actually just a ring holder from Anthropologie?

7. Michael Crawford International Fan Association Silver and Purple Glitter Placard

8. T-Shirt from a Show That’s Probably About Jesus and Crucifixion JesusPlayStill waiting on the Broadway transfer…

9. The Errant Question Mark in Adam Schlesinger’s Cry Baby Bio
SchlessingerIs this a typo? An ironic in-joke about how “critically acclaimed” is just a euphemism for “somewhat commercially unsuccessful but still awesome”? Could Adam momentarily not remember the names of his two bands? Is Adam simply expressing in print what most Crybaby audience members thought to themselves when they saw this show? Was he just like, “Oh, hold on. Let me express your confusion for you. By the way, you’ve never heard of my bands…”

10. This Awesome-Ass T-Shirt from an Off-Broadway Show You Never Saw ByBernsteinYou know why you can’t buy this, even though you want it so bad? BOOM, BECAUSE I DID. Broadway Flea is awesome. See you next year…

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  • Adam807 September 29, 2015, 10:01 am

    I had the 12″ single of Selena’s A Boy Like that remixes from The Songs of WSS. I won it in a contest. The 90s were WEIRD, you guys.

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