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Newsflash: The BJ in the Audience at American Idiot Last Night Wasn’t Billie Joe

Gawker is reporting that someone was spotted giving a blowjob during the first act of American Idiot last night. In the audience, not on the stage. Although doesn’t that happen on the stage, too? Or was that just my Stark Sands-addled imagination?

Immediate thoughts:

  • Is Johnny Gallagher really that sexy? We vote yes, but still.
  • Oh, you gentle, unionized Broadway ushers. None of your training could possibly prepare you for this.
  • We’re waiting for the show’s press office to release some tepid statement, but we’d bet that secretly, Billie Joe Armstrong is pleased.
  • Dude. American Idiot only has one act.
  • The fact that American Idiot only has one act could have influenced this situation. Some people in the audience—particularly in those $127 orchestra seats—may have questioned how much bang for their buck (pun intended! yeah baby!) they were actually getting, and might have looked to enhance the entertainment value a bit.
  • Can this go on the marquee? “So awesome it will make you want to go down on someone!”

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