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The Musical in My Mind #2-4 – Gleetacular Edition

This morning’s edition of The Musical in My Mind is in honor of tonight’s Spring Premiere of Glee, featuring Broadway stars Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel.  During our last editorial meeting, Lucky and I started Glee-casting famous musicals, which is sort of like Fantasy-casting, only, reallllly focused.  Now, it’s our new favorite past time.  Check out some of our suggestions below.

#2: Glee-sus Christ Superstar

Judas – Matthew Morrison

Jesus Christ – Jonathan Groff

Mary Magdalene – Idina Menzel

Caiaphas – Jessalyn Gilsig

Pontius Pilate – Lea Michele

King Herod – Jane Lynch

Annas – Jayma Mays

Peter – Corey Monteith

Simon Zealotes – Mark Spalling


#3: Gleeny Todd

Sweeney Todd – Matthew Morrison

Mrs. Lovett – Jessalyn Gislig

Judge Turpin – Jane Lynch

Beadle Bamford – Iqbal Theba

Davey Collins/Signor Adolfo Pirelli – Mark Spalling

Lucy Barker/Beggar Woman – Jayma Mays

Johanna Barker – Lea Michele

Anthony Hope – Jonathan Groff

Tobias “Toby” Ragg – Corey Monteith


#4 West Side Storglee

Tony – Jonathan Groff

Riff – Mark Salling

Bernardo – Kevin McHale

Maria – Lea Michele

Baby John – Chris Colfer

Chino – Corey Monteith

Anita – Amber Riley

Action – Harry Shum Jr

Arab – Dijon Talton

Anybodys – Diana Agron

Krupke – Iqbal Theba

Jets – Cheerios

Sharks – Jocks


So what musical would you guys Glee-cast?  And who’d get the plum roles?  Fire away!

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