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The Mystery of Aaron Tveit

Yeah, so, the face is kind of funny. But look at the thighs in those jeans!

Yeah, so, the face is kind of funny. But look at the thighs in those jeans!

Even just a quick glance at the Craptacular’s most popular search terms will tell you that the interwebz is curious about Aaron Tveit.  The fact that people land on our little page when they search for Aaron Tveit also illustrates how very little there is to know about him.  I mean, really.  Our page?  We’ve mentioned in his hotness in passing a maximum of four times, and Google leads you here?  (Not that we’re complaining.)

Apparently no one knows anything about Aaron Tveit except that they want to know more.  The man is a mystery.  A mystery who’s hind-parts looks really good in a pair of tight jeans.

I mean, in order to even sort out Mr. Tveit’s birth year/sign, I had to read about a zillion old articles and check in with several friends who I love dearly even though it turns out they might be stalkers—M_____, I’m looking at you.  (1983, Libra, in case you were wondering).  An actual birth-date is much harder to come by.  In fact, I’ve yet to find it.  And he plays demure (code: dumb) every time it comes up these days.

It’s possible Aaron has a serious business reason for this.  Or maybe, what he’s really hiding is the fact that he’s not so interesting.  Maybe the most interesting thing about Aaron Tveit—besides the fact that he can sing real good and smile like the sun—is the fact that no one knows anything about him.  Maybe the mystery is what keeps y’all  landing on our page.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn that he might be dull.  Because there’s something terribly winning about him.  Something that makes me want to believe the message boards and anon posts when they say he’s sweet like candy and straight as an arrow.  Something that makes me excited for the moment he hits the New York stage again, or makes some other kind of theater news, so that we have a real reason to cover him.  You know, a thin guise for talking about how much we like the way he looks in a pair of jeans.  As opposed to this post, which has one purpose and one purpose only: to tell you I like his bum.

Throwing this in just because I can.

Throwing this in just because I can.

Photo Credit: fuckyeahaarontveit.tumblr.com

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