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Gavin Creel is Back. On Your iPod.

Of all the Broadway types who have released their own music, none seem to be quite as listenable as Gavin Creel. His debut, Goodtimenation, wasn’t just a bonus souvenir for fans who liked Hair. It was a record to spin whenever, and often, and it’s beloved and instantly recognized among theater fans of a certain pop-leaning disposition.

His new EP, Quiet, came out this week—a disjointed sensation, considering that Gavin himself isn’t on Broadway right now. Until he’s back, we’ll take this short collection of sweet, sad-ish, melody-intensive ballads, mostly because it’s an opportunity to hear so much of Gavin’s voice—uninterrupted by any fuzzy rockstar mix—in one place.

It’s not as ideal as hitting the Hair lotto three times a week for a fix, but we’ll take it. And until Rock Band: Gavin Creel comes out, we’re happy to sit back and enjoy Quiet.


To download Quiet on iTunes, just click here. (Trust us, you want to!)

Image: GavinCreel.com

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