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Hey, Bobby Steggert, You Win the Tony of My Heart

Tony Awards Spotlight, Part 1 of 4

Look at him, he's too adorable for real life.

That’s right, Mr. Steggert, you’re my winner.  And this is a big award.  So, I hope you have a good speech prepared.

…Have I mentioned that I didn’t even see Ragtime?  Because I didn’t.  On purpose.  (Sorry, just not into that show.)

But I did see Yank! this year.  And there’s just… something about you.  In a way (a weird/amazing way) you remind me of Sutton Foster.  Because at first sight, you are easy to underestimate, looking like a boy who grew up down the block from me.  From everyone.  But then you open your mouth and you are instantly remarkable.  You become beautiful.  You grow more and more compelling with each note, each line, each nuanced facial expression.

So, whether or not your nomination is for Ragtime, you get the Best Supporting Actor Tony of My Heart.  Good luck on Sunday night.

Credit: Broadwayworld.com

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