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Hey, Sherie Rene Scott, You Win the Tony of My Heart

Tony Awards Spotlight, Part 4 of 4

Because you’re my favorite semi-semi-star on Broadway right now. And that’s saying something, since I had approximately zero interest in you when I walked into the American Airlines Theater this past March to see Everyday Rapture. Unlike, say, Broadwayislove09@earthlink.net, I was not on the Sherie Rene Scott bandwagon,

But I am now. Your show, with its honest portrayal of adolescence, faith, womanhood—and the struggles that accompany us as we navigate those roads—won me over. It was so good, so moving, that I cried. A lot. And I mean, honestly, I only went with Lucky because the tickets were dirt cheap and, well, why not? So. To win me over on a week night only a day after I’d gotten a lap dance from Benjamin Walker, and become my second favorite show of the season (Sorry, Mr. Walker and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson are still tops in my heart. I mean, have you seen him?!) …that’s saying something.

I think you’re more deserving than any actress on Broadway right now. Because you took something of your own creation and made it Tony-worthy, improbable as it seems on paper. So you win the Tony of My Heart, and if Tony voters have half a brain, you’ll win the Tony of Real Life, too.

Credit: Sh-K-Boom Records

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