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Weekend Agenda: Casting Couch Edition

The Capeman gets cast: We were excited to see Natascia Diaz’s name on the list, and we’ve already purchased the air mattress we’ll be using to camp out at Central Park West.

Anything Goes sets an opening date: Sutton Foster’s next starring gig is 100% firmed up. The Roundabout’s ability to muster a truly great revival… not so much.

Bryce Ryness and Jarrod Emick join Leap of Faith: Throwing into question whether anyone will be able to handle all the handsome manliness in this cast.

Nick Adams is cast in Priscilla (not Matt Cavanaugh?): But really, the only thing we can remember about this announcement is that the Times also mentioned that he was once in a semi-feud with Mario Lopez over who had bigger biceps. That’s… awesome.

Adam Guettel joins The Miraculous Year: This puts to rest rumors that it might, in fact, be about him while simultaneously giving the show truly orgasm-inducing potential.

Spider-Man starts rehearsals on August 16th:  Yes.  You read that correctly.  Next question: will it make it out of rehearsals?

There’s a new cast at Next to Normal:  Somehow, we all survived Ripples leaving, and the Booth Theater was not swallowed up by a sink-hole, either.  At least.  Not yet.

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