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Weekend Agenda: GTFO Summer Edition

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to a boatload of new shows, here’s what’s on our list of topics to discuss (ad nauseum!) this weekend.

  • Barara Cook becomes something we surely never expected–a total bitch.
  • Constantine Maroulis ended his run in Rock of Ages this week. We’re sure that at least 35 people both noticed and cared.
  • D-Lister Molly Shannon will replace Katie Finneran in Promises, Promises, thereby ensuring that the audience starts paying more attention to the actual stars of the show.
  • Next to Normal may be on its last crazy leg. You know, if secret insider sources and one very obvious marketing flier can be believed.
  • The Book of Mormon, terrified that it will be upstaged in the over-the-top-contemporary-idiom-political-farce department by Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, books a theater and chooses an opening date.
  • Women on the Verge shifts its first preview. Because you know, we all were in the mood to call LCT’s customer service line today.
  • Spider-Man himself, Reeve Carney, shows his pretty face on GMA. Every teenage girl in the world is now excited for this show. Next question, do they have the disposable income necessary to buoy the box-office?
  • Yank! delays until next season, which is kind of sad.  Only, it does give us hope that there’s enough time to “rework” one of the tap numbers and at least half the dream-ballet into non-existence.
  • In one fell swoop Michael Riedel takes out the entire fall season.  We only wish we could be that cold.
  • Broadway on Broadway is this Sunday.  We know we’re supposed to be all excited, but really, there’s only one thing that could get us pumped, and he won’t be there.  (It’s Andrew.  Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty.)

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