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7 Things By/About Tony Kushner to Read Right Now

Well, not right now, maybe. Because six hours of your day will disappear instantly. But do read them. Or read something (or everything) by Tony Kushner, because everyone should.

As the revival of Kusner’s Angels in America opens this week at the Signature Theatre, many have noted that Kushner is standard lit-course cannon these days. What’s below is his semi-cannon, a series of speeches and essays culled ragtag from the wilds of the internet, plus John Lahr’s impressions of Kushner as a person and a writer. We’ll call these Kushner’s b-sides—short pieces that contain his big thoughts about big things—Equality, America, Politics, Justice, The Future. Read. Feel hopeful. And be happy, for a moment, that someone as excellent/bright/compassionate as Tony Kushner decided to make his life in theater.

  1. 2010 Commencement Address at the School of Visual Arts
  2. John Lahr on Kushner in The New Yorker
  3. On Matthew Shepard, 1998
  4. Despair is a Lie We Tell Ourselves, written before the 2004 election
  5. 2002 Commencement Address at Vassar College
  6. Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy: Scene 1
  7. Eulogy for Arthur Miller

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