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Weekend Agenda: Turkey Is Awesome Edition

It’s cold. Thanksgiving is next week. (You remember Thanksgiving, right? That day when they put the musicals on TV?) The new theater season is in high gear. Here’s what we’ll be talking about as we trim our trees this weekend.

  • Superstar comedian Dane Cook will star in Neil Labute’s Fat Pig on Broadway in the spring. And all your theater friends just looked at each other and said, “Who’s Dane Cook?”
  • A new reading of Pippin, directed by Diane Paulus and starring Gavin Creel, happened this week. You didn’t make that up, but it kind of sounds like you did, right?
  • Guess who got to ask Benjamin Walker some questions? Oh right, we did. Tune in on Monday for our Q&A. It’s pretty badass.
  • The Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert was screened across the country in movie theaters, and word on the street is that young Nick Jonas, starring as Marius, holds his own. We wish we could say the same for his solo album.
  • In a move that struck fear into the hearts of theater nerds everywhere, the creative team of the musical Bring it On announced this week that real cheerleaders make up half the cast. We have no idea how this will work, and we’re concerned for the safety of the real Broadway actors in the cast. Clearly these people don’t watch Glee.
  • Like a billion shows are closing in January. What? Spend your entire Christmas fund on Broadway shows? You’d never do that…

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