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Remember That Time We Threw a Party?

The staff was real curious to see who belonged to that party.

Not all that long ago The Craptacular reached its first birthday.  To celebrate a year of snarky tweets, overuse of the word boner, and several odes to Gavin Creel’s good looks/golden voice, we threw a party.

A couple weeks have passed, but we wanted to be very sure we thanked each and every awesome friend who came to celebrate with us.  You guys make running The Craptacular a joy.  So thanks!  We’re so glad we had a chance to raise a glass with you and toast this past year.

Also, we cannot forget to thank the folks who donated our excellent prizes:

And some other awesome people, without whom our party probs would have sucked: the folks at the Village Pourhouse (especially our wonderful, overworked waitress) and The Mick’s lifelong friend Nicole B who is obviously the best.

We had an amazing, amazing night.  And if we didn’t see you this year, we look forward to seeing you next year.  There will be plenty more potty-mouthed tweeting to celebrate by then!

An early crowd snap (l) and the formerly elusive Lucky & The Mick (r)

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