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All the Beautiful People Please Stand Up, Because It’s Probably Your Birthday

Do you know what has happened every year on April 18 throughout history? That’s when all the awesome people were born.

Which leads us to this: ZOMG It’s BOTH Gavin Creel’s and Reeve Carney’s birthday.

Gavin, besides being the awesomest person on earth, was recently seen onstage in Prometheus Bound. Besides that, he’s a rockstar, has a cute dog, champions excellent social causes, and sings better than anyone else, ever. Like, to the extent that we compare every other singer in humanity to him. (Example: “Yeah, he can sing. But he’s not like, a Gavin-level singer.”) He’s turning 35 today.

Reeve Carney starred in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which is absolutely not his fault. He’s also a rockstar, and maybe he has a cute dog too, but we don’t really know. He’s turning 28 today, and he was born and raised, for the most part, on the most beautiful island in all the world—Manhattan. Spider-Man closed last evening for restructuring, so we’ll have to wait a bit to see Reeve back on stage. Our hope of hopes? That someone can figure out how to surround this lovely performer with an equally lovely show.

Photo: Monica Simoes (Gavin)

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