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Weekend Agenda: Nothing to Say About Spider-Man Edition

  • So, The Mick interviewed Tom Riley (Arcadia) this week. We won’t give any of it away, but let’s just say that literature was discussed and the word “wenches” was uttered. Stoppard himself would be proud, we think.
  • The Drama Desk Awards happened, only no one knew or cared, because @dramadeskawards forgot to Tweet it or live stream it or even remind us that it happened. Too bad, because this awards show — a bellwether for the Tonys — actually had some interesting winners. Plus, Jonathan Groff was there.  That’s good for three days’ worth of headlines on our web site alone.
  • Speaking of the lovely, and amazingly dewy-complected Jonathan Groff, our interview with him — we swear on our Book of Mormon tickets, it really happened — will be live within the next few days. Or so say the powerful folks in charge of such things.
  • Glee’s season came to a close this week.  Thank god. Those writers need a vacation. And a support staff.  And a handful of coherent storylines to follow consistently. Hopefully summer can work miracles. And the Groff can come back and continue being the most unexpectedly badass character on my whole TV.
  • Proving once again that the entire city of Los Angeles has not a single clue, Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl got a cast this week. Harvey Fierstein is Edna (fine), Marissa Jaret Winokur is Tracy (fine), and Nick Jonas is Link (?). Did everyone forget to tell us about how this production will feature a rewritten book wherein the real Link Larkin dies in a car crash and Tracy falls in love with his son, who is also called Link Larkin?
  • The Post tells us that Tony officials scrapped an awesome Book of Mormon-styled opening number in favor of… the same thing they always do. Okay. We get it. This show is about all of Broadway, not just one musical. But let’s be real…when’s the last time Broadway had such a credible hit on its hands? We think featuring a successful, critically-acclaimed show on the telecast is probs a much better way to promote the business of Broadway than say… giving Memphis a Tony for Best Musical.
  • British imports Jerusalem and Sleep No More have both extended their limited runs. Interesting question… what would happen if the drug-using characters of Jerusalem wandered into the trippy world of Sleep No More? Does anyone care besides us?

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