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Joshua Henry, You Win the Tony of My Heart


What’s better than seeing Joshua Henry in a Broadway show? Seeing Joshua Henry in two Broadway shows in a single season. And… bonus prize! He got a Tony nom for one of them.

After the massively disappointing closing of The Scottsboro Boys, Josh Henry – he of the golden voice and truly amazing biceps – returned to playing Favorite Son in American Idiot, a role he originated the previous season. For all of these efforts, Joshua Henry wins the instantaneous and overwhelming Tony of My Heart.

We, of course, knew Josh Henry was ultimately destined for both stardom and Tony Nomineedom way back when American Idiot opened – and he kind of stole the whole show, despite being onstage for about eight seconds. And when it came to his fierce performance as Haywood Patterson in The Scottsboro Boys, we weren’t the only ones who swooned. Ben Brantley was right there on the floor next to us.

This is the part where I would say something about how I hope to see lots of more of Joshua Henry onstage in the future. But duh. That’s a given. He’s already cast as Jake in the American Repertory’s upcoming, non-operatic revival of Porgy and Bess. Our tickets? Bought. Our hearts? Stolen forever.

Photo: BroadwayWorld

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