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Rory O’Malley, You Win the Tony of My Heart

Rory O’Malley.  As if being an epic crusader for marriage equality weren’t cool enough, you had to go and get cast in the coolest show in town.  Then you had to bring the house down with your seriously badass big number “Turn It Off.”  Is there anything you can’t do?   No, but really.  Is there?

Your performance as Elder McKinley in Book of Mormon was a pure shot of joy—big and brave and sunny—even from seats in the nosebleeds.  Plus, you pulled off one of my favorite things ever—a crazy good dance number performed by a schlumpy character.  That alone could be enough to win a Tony of My Heart.  But there’s just so much more about you I love, like your pretty blue eyes, your big (occasionally goofy) smile, and your fearless spirit.

If your Tony Nomination is any indication, your future as a Broadway star is looking pretty bright, Mr. O’Malley, so I hope there will always be room on your mantle for the Tony of My Heart.

PS. As I sat in Starbucks writing this, you walked past on your way to work looking all adorable. It was fate!

Photo: Andreas Laszlo Konrath

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