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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, or, The Cast of Newsies Visits The View

Having a rough day? Wishing you were back in bed? Just feeling nostalgic for the carefree good old days of the early 90s? Have we got news for you!  (Har har.)

The cast of the new stage adaptation of Newsies—currently in previews at the Paper Mill Playhouse—was on The View this morning performing a Medley of “Seize The Day” and “Santa Fe” and we’ve got video.  Take a peek.  It will make your entire human existence a brighter place. We swear.

Maybe it’s the choreography that is such an exuberant rush you can’t help but smile/squee.  Maybe it’s the energy of the young cast.  Maybe it’s just Jeremy Jordan and his very beautiful, square jaw, and his very beautiful, crooked mouth and his very beautiful, big-singing voice.

We just know that this made our hearts soar. You know, like that big note Mr. Jordan hits at the end of “Santa Fe.”

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