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Throwback Thursday: Jonathan Groff in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

You must rewatch this. It’s classic.  Classic Jon and Lea, and frankly… classic craptacular.  Because really, what is more craptacular that a terrible performance of a totally terrible arrangement of a classic song, given on a float covered in massive, theater costumed M&Ms?  The answer is NOTHING! (Okay, besides the entire existence of Andrew Lloyd Webber, but I digress…)

So it’s a mess. But let’s take a moment—nearly four years later, as Jonathan gets ready to open yet another off Broadway play—to appreciate how glorious this was back in the day. In the first flush of our deep, abiding crush on Groffalicious, when he sported perfectly ironed curls and still sang here in New York. When seeing him on TV was still a huge deal. When we all got up earlier than strictly necessary on a holiday and threatened the lives of our family members if they weren’t absolutely, 100% silent-as-the-grave when this boy appeared on the screen.

It was a moment to remember, for sure. The kind of moment we sort of miss. And dream of seeing again someday. You know, when Jonathan finally finds a musical to star in again and our hearts explode with joy.

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  • Paige September 23, 2011, 8:33 pm

    Their friendship is just too cute! Look at them holding hands! Loves it.

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