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Weekend Agenda: Summer is OVAH Edition

It’s Friday again, though given the fact that Labor Day weekend is now long past, summer is semi-officially gone, which is kind of a letdown.  Thank goodness there was some theater news this week, otherwise… we’d be completely desultory all weekend. A girl needs some things to talk about while drinking herself silly and pretending its still beach season!  Potential topics include…

  • You know what’s awesome? When Broadway becomes an effortless, unintentionally hilarious parody of itself. In related news, Adam Pascal will replace Chad Kimball as Huey Calhoun in Memphis.
  • And in news that sort of made us want to throw a phone at someone, Russell Crowe will play Javert opposite Hugh Jackman’s Valjean in the upcoming Les Miz movie. And proving that God is at least somewhat merciful, Hugh is saying that the film will not be through-sung. No word on whether all the song lyrics will simply be spoken like dialouge, but since Joel Schumacher isn’t directing this film, that probs won’t happen.
  • For those of you who were gutted (or maybe that was just us?) because you missed out on tickets for the Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Concert, rest easy. The show, which will star the intensely beautiful dynamic duo of Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess, will be recorded. So you can do exactly what you did with the Les Miz anniversary concert: Download it and watch it every waking hour of your life so it feels like you’re doing really, really awesome drugs.
  • Turns out the rumors about Joe Jonas replacing Darren Criss in H2S were untrue. Instead, it’ll be his younger brother Nick stepping into Ponty’s smarmy shoes. Which, frankly, sucks balls.  Sorry Nick. We know you’re really awesome at singing while… looking… over there…  But your big brother is more our speed.  While you may be slightly cuter, Joe is about 800 times more interesting.  And honestly, at this point, we’re just in this for some booze-fueled backstage scandal. Joe seems like a better candidate.
  • Last year we thought we might have to pony up for premium channels to catch The Miraculous Year, but then the (hot/talented/amazing) rug got pulled out from under us, and HBO never picked up the pilot. So up until this week we tried really hard not to get over-excited about Aaron Sorkin’s new pilot.  This time, though, HBO didn’t fail us and thank god for that. We can now freak out and go insane for cerebral-love-of-our-life Johnny Gallagher on our TV (in Aaron Sorkin!!)! We’ll spare you the capitol letters and keymash, but you should know it’s happening.  And our cable bills just went up right along with our body temperature.
  • Big Fish the musical sounds… kind of crazy and maybe awful and potentially amazing.  Perfect material for The Craptacular. This is extra true if Michael C Hall takes the lead role—he’s rumored to be getting ready to sign on—because he’s at least 50% real live ginger (look at his beard!) and we think NYC always needs more hot gingermen.

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