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Hooked on Phonics With Lucky & The Mick: How to Pronounce Steve Kazee’s Last Name


In honor of the fact that you’ll likely be hearing it out loud in the very near future, we just wanted to help you understand the intricacies of Steve Kazee’s last name. Because god knows you’re already an expert at understanding the intricacies of how good he looks in jeans, and how his character in Once melts you into a puddle of snot and broken dreams.

And if you think this is anything less than a highly important issue that requires immediate attention, friend, you’d better think again. Dozens of socially awkward people drop the following into Google every single night:

“how to pronounce steve kazzee name”

We’re here to help. So if you’re presenting at the Tony Awards or you just want to avoid a moment of extreme embarrassment at the stage door or at your weekly showtunes meet-up, here’s a real-world pronunciation guide. As opposed to the fake-world pronunciation guide that lives nowhere but in your theater-obsessed brain.

Here goes:

Steve Kazee:

1. Steve is pronounced like Steve.
2. Ka is like you’re going to say Genghis Khan, but you don’t say Genghis or the silent H or the N part.
3. Stress the second syllable. Like in the word kazoo. Just don’t call him Steve Kazoo. Unless he’s out of earshot. Or you’re on national television.

4. Zee rhymes with tree or melody or cabinetry.
5. Steve Kazee. Like kazoo, only the last part rhymes with tree.

Done and done. And now there’s one less reason for Steve Kazee to a) punch you in the face or b) get into a huge, heated Twitter fight with you. (We know how hard you’re working to avoid either scenario.) On the flipside, we’re pretty sure this will increase his chances of marrying you by .003 percent. And it’s all a numbers game.

photo: t magazine

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  • dlevy May 1, 2012, 11:14 am

    I’m confused. The Mick told me it was pronounced “Kazoozle.”

  • Maggie May 18, 2012, 3:23 am

    could someone have shown this to whoopi goldberg before she butchered it on the view this morning, she said steve kay-zee & i cringed!!

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