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Weekend Agenda: Eight Days and Counting… Edition

So, what’s everybody doing for Tony night? We have no idea what we’re doing, besides feeling Raul Esparza’s pain and praying that Jeremy Jordan and Steve Kazee will tie, so they can give a joint speech, that is. As the Big Effing Night creeps closer, here’s what we’re chatting about…

  • Second Stage will revive The Last Five Years in the spring of 2013. The two-person musical, which was written by Jason Robert Brown and is about Jason Robert Brown, will also be directed by Jason Robert Brown. No word yet on whether Jason Robert Brown will star. As either Cathy and Jamie, or both.
  • The Public Theater has finally cast The Baker for this summer’s Central Park production of Into the Woods. We know, we know, Denis O’Hare probs got the gig cause he’s good at acting and won a Tony Award and stuff. But now, our True Blood-addled brains are totally re-imagining The Baker as a bloodthirsty vampire. Best idea ever, right?!
  • Amanda Seyfried, Nick Jonas, Sheryl Crow, and Tyler Perry will all present at the Tonys. Now that’ll boost the ratings.
  • In this week’s episode of The Truth is More Craptacular Than Fiction, Daily Mail columnist Baz Bamigboye reported that Viva Forever, the Spice Girls musical, will replace Ghost: The Musical at the West End’s Piccadilly Theater this fall. Thank god the producers had already delivered the bad news to the cast of Ghost! Oh… wait…
  • For Classic Stage Company’s 45th season, Ethan Hawke will do Chekhov and Duncan Shiek will score a Brecht play. This won’t be pretentious at all, you guys!
  • Breathe your sigh of relief, fangirls and boys: The very much closed Leap of Faith will very much perform on this year’s Tonys. A note to the telecast producers: Lots and lots of closeups of Raul aggressively channeling his blind, bitter rage, please.
  • The musical Hands on a Hardbody is Broadway-bound. We’d be excited for any opportunity to see the dashing Jay A. Johnson on stage, but a musical about a handful of hicks in a competition to win a pick-up truck? A competition that involves standing still with your hands on a truck? (We know, you’re disappointed the hardbody isn’t Jay’s abs.) We can’t wait to see how this works out.
  • Doesn’t it suck when you’re all prepared to be haughty and condescending about something, because you have so much fucking taste and everything, and then you end up weeping like a child in the corner? Also, this is the first teaser trailer for the Les Miserables film.

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  • Lisa June 3, 2012, 1:24 pm

    Completely shocked about Hands on a Hardbody. Score isn’t bad, the car actually does move as the actors push it around the stage and weave up and over each others arms for choregraphy. But I can’t see this as a Broadway show. At all.

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