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Matt Doyle is (Probably) Starring in Diner in the Fall, According to Matt Doyle

Guess who’s starring in Diner, the Barry Levinson/Sheryl Crow musical that’s opening in the fall? This adorable, big-singing, oversharing mo’fo…


At his Joe’s Pub gig tonight, Matt Doyle talked about a “big project” he’s doing in the fall, and said that it would fit perfectly with the song he was about to sing. The song he was about to sing was Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy.”

Difficult as it was to discern between Diner and the FOURTEEN OTHER SHERYL CROW MUSICALS that are opening on Broadway in the fall, we craftily figured out that he’s probably talking about Diner. And so did the New York Post a few weeks ago, only not really. Because they’re either utterly un-crafty or know nothing about musicals.

At any rate, we think this is damn exciting, because Matt is THE COMPLETE BEST.

And while we’re on this subject, can we talk for a hot second about how we’re super excited about Sheryl Crow doing Broadway things? We feel about her the way we felt about Billy Joe Armstrong: We have no idea why you’re here, but we think it’s really cool that you’re here!

Bring on the soulful, Steelers-Wheel-inspired pop songs. And Matt Doyle. But then, we’re always excited to bring on Matt Doyle.

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