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Attention, Y’all: Call for Interns

So. Are you ready to join this madness? We bet you are. The Craptacular is seeing smart, dedicated, theater-obsessed, witty interns to contribute to this here web site. Here’s the deal.

1. You must be an engaging writer, or an engaging-writer-in-training.

2. You have to be in college. Really.

3. You have to love (LOVE) theater, and know it like you know the alphabet and/or your mom.

4. You must have a sense of humor about theater and about yourself. We are not prepared to argue with you about how Scandalous and Leap of Faith both closed too soon.

5. It would be nice if you were a journalism, marketing, writing, or performing arts major, but those things are not required.

6. It would be even nicer if you lived in New York City, or near another location that offers world-class theater of some sort, but that’s also not required.

7. You must be available on a regular schedule, several times a week, to do stuff. You must be able to get said stuff done in a timely fashion, while adhering to deadlines.

8. You must know how to do the social media thing like you were born with an iPhone 5 in your hand.

9. You must have a somewhat evolved sense of decorum, taste, and discretion.

10. Duties include transcribing interviews, organizing our very chaotic email inbox, keeping an eagle eye on developing theater news, managing and scheduling social media posts, some writing and editing, and attending/covering theater-y events.

If you just read that list like, WOAH THAT’S ME, HOW DID THEY KNOW?! then you should apply. Here’s what you do.

1. Send us a resume, brief cover letter, and some writing samples. For the writing samples, published is better than unpublished, but unpublished good writing is better than published bad writing. So send us your really good stuff. You dig?
2. Email it to: the.tacular@gmail.com.

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  • Kacey July 2, 2013, 2:53 pm

    I got everything but #2, since I just graduated. Now I can’t be your intern AND I have no insurance. Why.

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