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Nick Blaemire and The Hustle Play 54 Below in Exactly 29 Photos

In honor of the fact that Nick Blaemire and his band, The Hustle, released a brand new music video for their tune “Trouble” today, I thought it was high time to dig into The Craptacular’s archives and dust off some awesome pics that we didn’t get a chance to post before the Tonys.

Back in May The Hustle played a gig at 54 Below, and we were there–backstage, and in the audience–to capture the whole shebang. Below, in exactly 29 pictures, is an inside peek at what went down:


Pre-Show on the 14th Floor

 The Hustle’s right hand lady, Kristin Goehring, prepping the swag.

 Favorite sign backstage is favorite.

 You guys. Lucky is so excited about her slap-bracelet, you don’t even know.

 Raena White & Nick warming up with Jesse Vargas on the keys.

 Tim Stocker and Allison Phillips talk horns. And woodwinds, too , probs.



 Dylan Heaney, pass that flask!

 Jesse Vargas, fearless leader, addresses the band.

 Then Nick takes over. Lucky, obvi, listens intently.

 Shoe shot. Like we’d ever pass up the opportunity to snag one of these.


 Band shot.

 And turn.


Downstairs for the Show


 Table swag.

 We spotted @itsdlevy enjoying his new glasses.

Of note: even though you can’t see his face, the dude in the blue striped shirt alllll the way in the right-hand corner is totes Benj Pasek.






 Lexi Lawson is killing it, yo.


 Horns. Also, Allison is basically our favorite. Girl trumpet (and flugelhorn) plays FTW!

 Raena White takes us to CHURCH! (#shitmrtylermartinssays)

 Art shot. Through a mirror, darkly… or something.



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